Chick Charms® - Collectable Hens & Chicks

Welcome to the home of our colorful Chick Charms® Colllectable Hens & Chicks. Our Chick Charms® are selected by Chris Hansen (he's also the breeder for SunSparkler® Sedums) from his collection of over 485+ named varieties. Yes, you might be surprised to learn there are over 4,000 named varieties of Sempervivums (commonly called Hens & Chicks).  Chris has been amassing his collection from growers and breeders around the world and takes detailed notes throughout the year on numerous growth characteristics.

Currently, there are 12 colorful varieties included in the Chick Charms® program and you can view all 12 varieties and learn detailed information on each by clicking on our "All Chick Charms" tab in the left column.

His top criteria for final inclusion in the Chick Charms® program are: 1. Great garden vigor  2. Colorful for majority of the year  3. Color Uniqueness 4. Resistant to summer root-rots 4. Heavy baby-chick production